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  1. This Week’s Las Vegas Capital Markets Conference Holds The Key To Restarting The Economy

      Start­ing Sun­day, the rem­nants of the secu­ri­ti­za­tion indus­try will be at the annual Amer­i­can Secu­ri­ti­za­tion Forum (“ASF”) Con­fer­ence in Las Vegas. Just as the secu­ri­ti­za­tion and secu­ri­ties indus­try led the nation into the cur­rent cri­sis, if the econ­omy is going to revive itself, this indus­try needs to lead the finan­cial sec­tor out of the […] [read full story]

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  2. Be Careful What You Wish For –Chinese Currency Revaluation May Hurt America

    There is mount­ing evi­dence that a freely float­ing Chi­nese cur­rency will actu­ally drop in value and make Chi­nese exports cheaper. In his con­fir­ma­tion hear­ings, Tim Gei­th­ner espoused the U.S. “Con­ven­tional Wis­dom” that China is an unfair trade com­peti­tor because it manip­u­lates its cur­rency down in value so that its exports are arti­fi­cially cheap. The Con­ven­tional […] [read full story]

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  3. Money Supply And Economic Data Weekly Watch – Deflation Hurts The Economy Like Hydrochloric Acid Burns Through Steel

    Defla­tion hurts the econ­omy like hydrochlo­ric acid burns through steel. Falling prices destroy cor­po­rate and house­hold bal­ance sheets and make it impos­si­ble for the finan­cial sec­tor to func­tion nor­mally. Demand is destroyed by defla­tion which in turn leads to more defla­tion. The weak­est sec­tors are hurt first, but defla­tion quickly burns through healthy indus­tries. This […] [read full story]

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  4. How the Credit Crisis Might Help American Manufacturers — A Reprint Of The New York Times Economix Blog

    How the Credit Cri­sis Might Help Amer­i­can Man­u­fac­tur­ers By Mark Sun­shine Mark Sun­shine is pres­i­dent of the com­mer­cial lend­ing insti­tu­tion First Cap­i­tal. It’s hard to believe that the bank­ing cri­sis can be good for any­one, but the credit crunch is start­ing to help some Amer­i­can com­pa­nies at the expense of their for­eign com­peti­tors. Most peo­ple […] [read full story]

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  5. MONEY SUPPLY AND ECONOMIC DATA WEEKLY WATCH (Part 2 – GDP and US competitiveness)" rel="bookmark">MONEY SUPPLY AND ECONOMIC DATA WEEKLY WATCH (Part 2 – GDP and US competitiveness)

    Gross Domes­tic Prod­uct Two num­bers from this week’s GDP release for Q2 2008 caught my eye, (i) exports were up 9.2% and (ii) imports were down 6.6%. For sev­eral months I have been dis­cussing improv­ing US global com­pet­i­tive­ness and the sec­ond quar­ter GDP release sup­ports my analy­sis. US exports are surg­ing and US firms are com­pet­ing […] [read full story]

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