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  1. Playing The Patterns — A Guest Article By Phil Davis

    The below is a guest arti­cle from Phil Davis of, one of the fastest-growing stock and option trad­ing newslet­ters on the Web.  Phil will be my spe­cial guest on Saturday’s Sun­shine Report, my weekly radio show which runs from 12 PM to 2 PM on Boston WWZN 1510 and is simul­cast on I know you […] [read full story]

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  2. $11 Trillion In Debt — Who Cares? – A Guest Post By James Sunshine

    OK…I confess…James Sun­shine is my son. He is a fresh­man at Emory Uni­ver­sity and wrote the below op/ed for the Emory Wheel. Of course I am very proud of his work. He says that he writes bet­ter than his Dad and that he is smarter. What do you think? He may be right!! As the national […] [read full story]

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  3. Create Jobs Quickly By Capitalizing Small Business Lenders By Robert Blum

    In my post­ing last Fri­day with Mark Sun­shine, TARP Isn’t Work­ing For Small Busi­nesses; Two Sim­ple Solu­tions For Small Busi­ness Lend­ing, we dis­cussed the severe fund­ing stresses being faced by small and medium sized busi­ness enter­prises (“SMEs”). Unfor­tu­nately, most of the gov­ern­ment aid announced to date does not help in deploy­ing cap­i­tal to SMEs any […] [read full story]

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  4. Maybe The World Isn’t Flat Afterall – A Guest Article By Roger Fransecky, Ph.D

    There is more evi­dence that the world is not flat.  Richard Florida’s arti­cle in this month’s The Atlantic on how the reces­sion will reshape the econ­omy offers a con­tentious argu­ment about the impor­tance of highly tal­ent peo­ple clus­tered in cer­tain regions: The abil­ity of dif­fer­ent cities and regions to attract highly edu­cated people—or human capital—has […] [read full story]

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  5. Brokers Becoming Banks? The Press Got It Wrong! – A Guest Blog by Winthrop Brown, Partner, Milbank Tweed

    Mark Sun­shine here…Yesterday I received the below e-mail from Winthrop Brown, a friend of mine who is a very senior and dis­tin­guished bank­ing lawyer at Mil­bank Tweed.  He was con­cerned about mis­re­port­ing of the Gold­man Sachs and Mor­gan Stan­ley con­ver­sions to bank hold­ing com­pa­nies and e-mailed me a clar­i­fy­ing analy­sis. Appar­ently Win believes that it […] [read full story]

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  6. The Government Bailout Wheel Makes Me Dizzy – A Guest Blog by Joseph Healey

    Remem­ber when you were a kid in the play­ground and your bud­dies caught you on that spin­ning metal wheel? They would spin the wheel faster and faster as you grabbed the metal bars for dear life and screamed Stop! Well I for one am feel­ing that same nau­se­ated feel­ing as I watch Trea­sury Sec­re­tary Paul­son […] [read full story]

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  7. Evolution And The Extinction of Lehman Brothers – A Guest Blog Article By Glen Stein

    The world changed. Lehman went extinct. What hap­pened? There are only 4 ways to increase prof­its: Increase mar­gins, Increase sales vol­ume, Increase lever­age, and Con­trol expenses. Lehman became extinct because it evolved in the wrong direc­tion when its envi­ron­ment changed. How Lehman approached these 4 choices explain its prob­lems. 1.     Mar­gins Lehman’s evo­lu­tion­ary prob­lem was a […] [read full story]

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