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  1. Japan’s Demographic Time Bomb Is Imploding

    Accord­ing to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Japan is quickly turn­ing into devel­oped world’s sick­est econ­omy and could soon tip into an uncon­trolled down­ward spi­ral. Evans-Pritchard reported last week in the Tele­graph that Japan is reach­ing the point of no return where it won’t be able to meet its oblig­a­tions and could enter a debt death spi­ral. While […] [read full story]

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  2. The Japanese Economic Lesson – Demographics Matter, A Lot

    The U.S. has been try­ing to learn from Japan but keeps on get­ting all of the lessons wrong. In the early 1990’s Japan’s econ­omy quickly tran­si­tioned from being an “eco­nomic mir­a­cle” to an eco­nomic “bas­ket case”. The con­ven­tional eco­nomic wis­dom is that the Japan­ese eco­nomic dis­as­ter was caused by a com­bi­na­tion of a burst­ing real […] [read full story]

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