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  1. Gold Bugs Beware Of Fed Extermination

    Today I heard it again on the car radio — an adver­tise­ment claim­ing that since gold has topped $1,500 an ounce it’s a “must buy” for every respon­si­ble saver.

    If only it were true that I could pro­tect my fam­ily from eco­nomic Armaged­don by buy­ing gold.

    Unfor­tu­nately, the hard facts are that increas­ingly since 2000 gold has been the oppo­site of an infla­tion hedge. Even worse, when inter­est rates rise in response to infla­tion, gold will fall in value, and maybe by a lot.

    The his­tor­i­cal rela­tion­ship of gold to infla­tion, i.e., that it is a hedge, is no longer true. Gold has been “finan­cial­ized” by Wall Street and its price is being dri­ven by insti­tu­tional spec­u­la­tors that buy it by bor­row­ing money at near 0% inter­est. As long as inter­est rates remain low, the cost of bet­ting on gold is very low and money flows into the gold market.

    As gold prices soar indi­vid­ual investors need to beware. One day inter­est rates will start to rise and gold prices will plum­met. Inno­cent vic­tims that buy gold because of a mass mar­ket sales pitch will be sorry.

    My strong advice to read­ers is don’t be a gold bug. It’s only a mat­ter of time before the Fed exter­mi­nates you. [read full story]

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  2. The Inflation Monster Is Tame

    Despite the quick run up in gaso­line prices, the U.S. econ­omy isn’t about to be eaten by the infla­tion mon­ster. While it is a good bet that some­time in the next few years the Fed will have to deal with ris­ing infla­tion, now isn’t the time to change mon­e­tary pol­icy in an effort to slay […] [read full story]

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  3. 7 Faint Signs That The Economy’s Bottom Is In Sight

    There are opaque and early signs that the U.S. econ­omy has started the begin­ning of a bot­tom­ing process. Just like a div­ing sub­ma­rine needs to stop its down­ward motion and reach its low­est depth before it can resur­face, the econ­omy needs to go through the steps of slow­ing its decline and sta­bi­liz­ing before it can […] [read full story]

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  4. Money Supply And Economic Data Weekly Watch – Deflation Hurts The Economy Like Hydrochloric Acid Burns Through Steel

    Defla­tion hurts the econ­omy like hydrochlo­ric acid burns through steel. Falling prices destroy cor­po­rate and house­hold bal­ance sheets and make it impos­si­ble for the finan­cial sec­tor to func­tion nor­mally. Demand is destroyed by defla­tion which in turn leads to more defla­tion. The weak­est sec­tors are hurt first, but defla­tion quickly burns through healthy indus­tries. This […] [read full story]

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  5. CPI Indicates" rel="bookmark">Money Supply and Economic Data Weekly Watch – Deflation Is Worse Than CPI Indicates

    Last week’s eco­nomic data is under­es­ti­mat­ing defla­tion. On Wednes­day the Bureau of Labor Sta­tis­tics (“BLS”) announced that the con­sumer price index (“CPI”) declined by 1.0% in Octo­ber which was the biggest sin­gle one month reported decline since before World War II. Broad based defla­tion exac­er­bates the already severe credit cri­sis and increases cash hoard­ing by […] [read full story]

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  6. Money Supply and Economic Data Weekly Watch – The Fed’s Next Move Will Be To Increase Money Supply

    While most of the busi­ness media is focus­ing on Lehman and trou­bled finan­cials, they are for­get­ting about next week’s Fed meet­ings and how mon­e­tary pol­icy will respond to the cri­sis. After almost 6 months of shrink­ing real money sup­ply (nom­i­nal money sup­ply adjusted for infla­tion), Fed pol­icy mak­ers are going to decide whether to push […] [read full story]

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    Start­ing this week, Sun­shine Notes will have a reg­u­lar weekly report focus­ing on money sup­ply sta­tis­tics and selected eco­nomic data. The pur­pose of this blog entry will be to pro­vide data and analy­sis that is oth­er­wise under­re­ported in the main­stream media. Money sup­ply On July 17th, the Fed­eral Reserve dis­closed that M2 actu­ally declined dur­ing […] [read full story]

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