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  1. Obama’s Stress Tests Are Designed To Help Banks Raise Capital

    Most crit­ics of the Stress Test have missed the point of the tests and under­es­ti­mate the Obama Administration’s clev­er­ness in help­ing banks raise cap­i­tal. The Stress Tests weren’t about reg­u­la­tory super­vi­sion and cer­tainly weren’t an excuse for the Obama Admin­is­tra­tion to nation­al­ize the banks. The tests were designed to pro­vide stan­dard­ized bench­marks, assump­tions and pro­jec­tions […] [read full story]

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  2. A Letter To President Elect Obama – How to restore confidence

    Dear Pres­i­dent Elect Obama: As you get closer to inau­gu­ra­tion I would like to make a few sug­ges­tions for your admin­is­tra­tion and its future eco­nomic pol­icy. Every­one knows that the econ­omy is in trou­ble and con­fi­dence in the future is low. Con­fi­dence in the United States eco­nomic sys­tem and gov­ern­ment is our nation’s most impor­tant asset. Unfor­tu­nately, […] [read full story]

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  3. I discovered a natural cure for low blood pressure – go to a securitization convention and try not to lose your mind

    Ear­lier this week I dis­cov­ered a nat­ural cure for low blood pres­sure when I attended a con­fer­ence for secu­ri­ti­za­tion and struc­tured finance pro­fes­sion­als. For those read­ers who have been in a coma for the last 15 months, it is the secu­ri­ti­za­tion and struc­tured finance pro­fes­sion­als who pimped the cap­i­tal mar­kets and destroyed the global econ­omy. […] [read full story]

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  4. Ten reasons why I am glad to be doing business in America

    I am glad to be doing busi­ness in the U.S. and I think that the U.S. is going to emerge from the cur­rent cri­sis stronger and more dom­i­nant than ever before. David Leon­hardt wrote today in the New York Times that the U.S. is “a power that may not stay so super”. I dis­agree. A […] [read full story]

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  5. What does it take to be unfit to be an officer or director of a public company?

    I have a ques­tion for Chris Cox, Chair­man of the SEC. What does it take to be deemed unfit to serve as an offi­cer or direc­tor of a pub­lic com­pany? I ask this ques­tion because I made the mis­take of read­ing the Sar­banes Oxley Act and I am now con­fused. I can’t fig­ure out what […] [read full story]

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  6. Sorry, big Federal spending doesn’t restore confidence. Five common sense confidence builders.

    Last Fri­day evening I was a guest on FOX Busi­ness and was asked if I thought whether the Paul­son Plan (which had just been approved by the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives) would improve con­fi­dence. The answer is an uncon­di­tional NO. Con­fi­dence is an expres­sion of trust in the integrity and wis­dom of our sys­tem and its […] [read full story]

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    Last week I had lunch with Marty Schiff­man who told me that “If I live 1,000 years, I will never under­stand that account­ing rule! It’s dis­hon­est!” Marty was, of course, talk­ing about the appli­ca­tion of mark to mar­ket account­ing rules by major finan­cial insti­tu­tions. Marty Schiff­man is not the “aver­age” man on the street; he […] [read full story]

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