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  1. Regulatory Reform is Needed Now To Prevent The Next Bubble and Crisis

    Like a pet ger­bil run­ning end­lessly on a cir­cu­lar wheel, Gov­ern­ment lead­ers are putting all of us on the eco­nomic tread­mill of ser­ial fail­ure. Calls for an imme­di­ate inves­ti­ga­tion into what went wrong and why are going largely unheeded as gov­ern­ment lead­ers claim that a witch hunt is the last thing we need now. Well, I […] [read full story]

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  2. What does it take to be unfit to be an officer or director of a public company?

    I have a ques­tion for Chris Cox, Chair­man of the SEC. What does it take to be deemed unfit to serve as an offi­cer or direc­tor of a pub­lic com­pany? I ask this ques­tion because I made the mis­take of read­ing the Sar­banes Oxley Act and I am now con­fused. I can’t fig­ure out what […] [read full story]

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  3. McCain: “Fire Cox”; Sunshine: “McCain’s wrong. Fire Cox and then exile him. His family can stay…they aren’t guilty.”

    Almost all paths of incom­pe­tence in the cur­rent cri­sis run through the office of the Chair­man of the SEC, Chris Cox. McCain’s solu­tion to fire Cox isn’t tough enough. Exile is bet­ter. For­tu­nately for Cox this isn’t the Stal­in­ist Soviet Union or his fate could be a lot worse. Cox’s fail­ures are too numer­ous to count. […] [read full story]

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