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  1. Bank Compensation Limits – The Federal Reserve Follows Through

    Last week’s late break­ing news that the Fed­eral Reserve was fol­low­ing through on its plan to change how it reg­u­lates bank com­pen­sa­tion is being fol­low up by this week’s G-20 meet­ing on how bank com­pen­sa­tion curbs can be inter­na­tion­ally coor­di­nated among the large economies. Sur­pris­ingly, how­ever, the media is act­ing as if reg­u­lat­ing bank com­pen­sa­tion is a new issue. It isn’t new at all but rather a prob­lem that they chose to for­get about for the sum­mer. [read full story]

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  2. Bank Employee Compensation: Financial Journalists Meet Aesop’s Fables

    Two nights ago I was watch­ing busi­ness TV news when one of the jour­nal­ists started explain­ing to view­ers why the Obama admin­is­tra­tion shouldn’t reg­u­late bank employee com­pen­sa­tion. I haven’t been able to get the jour­nal­ists com­ments out of my mind since the show. And, I keep on think­ing of the moral of an Aesop fable […] [read full story]

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  3. Banking’s Dirty Little Compensation Secret

    Banking’s dirty lit­tle com­pen­sa­tion secret is that most of the fury over bank exec­u­tive pay lim­its is fake. Since the for­ma­tion of the FDIC dur­ing the Great Depres­sion Fed­eral reg­u­la­tors have had the legal author­ity to limit bank pay and have reg­u­larly used that author­ity. But vocal Admin­is­tra­tion crit­ics seem to be inten­tion­ally mis­lead­ing the […] [read full story]

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