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And Now For Some Really Bad Economic News…(with readable charts)

Last night I posted an arti­cle with a num­ber of charts that I got from the St. Louis Fed­eral Reserve.  Imme­di­ately, I started receiv­ing e-mails telling me that the charts weren’t read­able.  

It is my fault that the charts aren’t read­able and I apol­o­gize for post­ing an arti­cle with unread­able charts. 

I have attempted to fix the chart prob­lem on the blog.  If read­ers go to the arti­cle they should be able to click the charts and the charts will open in a new win­dow and be read­able.  While the charts still won’t appear in pro­fes­sional print qual­ity, they are at least usable. 

Hope­fully in the future I will be able to do a bet­ter job with charts and graphs. 

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